KCR Screening at the Fogg Museum
22 April 2015


KCR appeared at Harvard’s Fogg Museum as a nine-channel interactive on April 20, 2015, and a second time in July as part of the workshop Beautiful Data, a two-week course on interactive media to help curators and archivists “develop art-historical storytelling through data visualization, interactive media, enhanced curatorial description and exhibition practice, digital publication, and data-driven, object-oriented teaching.” It featured in the Lightbox Gallery, a space dedicated to digital installations in the new, Renzo Piano-designed addition to the museum. The installation was built in the programming language Processing, an open source project built to manage interactivity, nonlinearity, and graphic design. Coding help from Sands Fish and editing assistance from Robin Bell. Following is a sample clip of the installation:


Fogg Museum description: KCR, a documentary and installation project by Ivan Sigal, a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, traces the path of the defunct Karachi Circular Railway in Karachi, Pakistan, through a spatialized archive of video, stills, text, and drone aerial footage. Visitors will be able to talk with Sigal and learn more about digital collections and collections data.